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Welcome to our FREE Health ebooks with purchase program

I love books and have worked hard to get a good collection of health related books. Currently there are 137 books in my collection. A few of the subjects covered are aerobics, stress, nutrition, diet, weight control, and back pain. There are also 11 financial and 59 miscellaneous ebooks in the collection.

You can get access to some or all of these when you make a product purchase from this web site. The more items in your order the more health books you will receive. If you order three bottles of the same product, that will count as three items.

Here is how the number of books you receive is calculated.

Number of items ordered Number of Books You receive
1 1
2 4
3 9
4 14
5 25
6 36
7 49
8 64
9 81
10 or more All 137 Health books plus 11 Financial - wealth plus 59 Other eBooks

When we receive your order I will email the download link to the email address you used with PayPal.

Most of the eBooks are in PDF format. I think you will enjoy them and find them very informative and helpful.

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