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D-Stressor Natural Stress Relief Remedy

Are there days that you wake up feeling like you need a natural stress relief remedy, that the world and its worries are pressing down upon you? Do you experience days when nothing seems to go right? Are your stress levels higher than they need to be? If these problems occur in your daily life, you would greatly benefit from this amazing anti-stress formula.


D-Stressor Natural Stress Relief Remedy

The B-vitamins are well known for their properties of revitalizing and energizing one's system. "B-12 Shots" are becoming more and more popular as method for mood and energy supplementation. B-vitamins are responsible for providing energy to the body during the conversion of glucose, from carbohydrates. They are also critically required for the metabolism of fats and proteins, as well as the health and maintenance of the body's nervous system.

No doubt, the revitalizing and energizing properties of B-vitamins are amazingly powerful, but there is one attribute of this vitamin group that is not normally brought up. As was said before, B-vitamins are critical for the health and maintenance of the body's nervous system. B-vitamins contain an amazing power that balances the nervous system, creating a more-peaceful mood. Stress has limited power over your body, when it receives enough B-vitamin Supplementation.

B-complex Deficiencies are becoming more and more of a commonplace. Although these amazing vitamins are available through everyday, natural foods, our spiraling diets do not contain enough of these essential B-vitamins to prevent deficiencies. Some of the symptoms of a B-complex Deficiency include:

mild to severe depression


vague fears

uneasiness to panic

mood swings


morbid thoughts




constant feeling that something dreadful is going to happen




mental confusion

noise sensitivity

inability to handle stress

hearing noises, voices, etc.

loss of ability to concentrate

impaired intellect

loss of memory




lightheadedness or dizziness

digestive problems

hypochlorhydria (insufficient stomach acid production)

constipation or diarrhea

stomach pains

decreased or increased appetite

craving for sweets

heart palpitations

chest pains

neuralgia to neuritis

muscular soreness

pain, tingling or aches

cold hands and feet

heightened sensitivity to touch and/or pain

menstrual complaints

soreness of the mouth



burning or itching eyes

difficulty swallowing

sore throat


insomnia or sleep disturbances


Usually, when B-vitamins are discussed, the phrase "B-complex" is not far behind.

What is the B-Complex?

Why is it so important for the body's essential functions?

The B complex is an extremely important group of nutrients that the body must acquire through the diet or produce via the intestinal flora to enable it to transform food into energy, maintain a strong immune system, balance many of the body's hormones, and perform a wide variety of other tasks.

The B vitamins work together as a complex and are dependent upon each other to perform their individual tasks in the body. The insufficient intake of one B vitamin can create imbalances and deficiencies in others and impair the body's ability to assimilate and metabolize them. If a depletion or excess of one over the other occurs for a period of any duration, there will be a problem in the entire complex. Because of this relationship between the B vitamins, an isolated deficiency of only one B vitamin is rarely seen. This is another good reason for taking the B vitamins as a complex, a whole, and not separately. ^^

HHN's D-Stressor has proven itself again and again in our consumer's eyes. This incredible formula includes the entire B-complex, at maximum potency and quality, thereby requiring you to take less and still feel better than before. If you experience any of the symptoms discussed above, HHN's D-Stressor will help in your return to better health.

Feel Less Stressed - Balance with the Best!!

HHN's D-Stressor

natural stress relief remedy

CAN Help Open the Door

to a Balanced, Better Health!!!

D-Stressor - Powerful Stress Inhibitor Formula

Only $13.95 per 90 count bottle

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