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Super Immune Booster

How long has the world needed a super immune booster? As long as humans can remember, the common cold has been an uncureable plague. Whether it is the sniffles, sore throat, nasal congestion, or a combination of all, the common cold is detested by all and loved by none. The worst part seems to be the ease by which it spreads from person to person.

A major holiday or family vacation approaches, so to prepare against the dreaded cold, you steer clear of anyone remotely ill. You do everything possible to keep from getting sick, but as always, to no avail - The cold catches you directly during the planned vacation and infests its miserable molecules upon you, making you feel less and less like yourself. Help is on the way!


Immune Plus Super Immune Booster

Over the past few centuries, man has tried to learn more and more concerning his natural surroundings. During this search for knowledge, many wonderful and amazing herbs have been discovered to be extremely beneficial in boosting, bolstering, and maintaining the body's immune system. Some of the best herbs for this purpose include:

Golden Seal Root

Immune system support (immunostimulant/antimicrobial)

Anti-cancer effects (colon cancer)


Treats/prevents urinary tract infections

Super Immune Booster

Golden Seal contains several alkaloids in its roots, stems and leaves that are believed to be the active components: hydrastin (4%), berberine (6%) and canadine. Berberine possesses some antibacterial activity by either directly killing bacteria or preventing bacterial attachment to the cell walls of the host, as well as some antioxidant properties and smooth muscle relaxation effects.

Echinacea Root

Stimulates immune system function

Prevents upper respiratory tract infections

Echinacea extracts have been shown to stimulate the growth and activity of cells of the immune system (macrophages, natural killer cells, T-cells). Such activation of protective mechanisms is thought to increase the body's defenses to infection by bacteria and viruses.


Immune support (Proventra from Galagen)

Reduction of diarrhea

Gastrointestinal support

Improved exercise performance and recovery

Bovine colostrum contains the same disease resistance factors (immunoglobins) which are found in human breast milk and unpasteurized cow's milk. The wide variety of "immune factors" which may be effective against various viruses, bacteria, yeast and other invaders. Among these immune factors are immunoglobins, antibodies, lactoferrin, lactalbumin, glycoproteins, cytokines (such as IL-1, IL-6, and interferon Y) and various polypeptides, growth factors, vitamins and minerals. The antibodies present in colostrum are thought to combine with disease-causing microorganisms in the GI tract. By adhering to pathogens, colostrum antibodies may be able to reduce the adhesive properties of bacteria and decrease the bug's ability to attach to the intestinal wall (which could prevent their entrance into the body). It is unlikely that the "full" antimicrobial benefits of colostrum can be realized unless you happen to be a baby cow (because the immunoglobulins are largely digested in the gut and cannot be absorbed intact). It may be possible, however, for partially digested immunoglobulin fragments to retain a small portion of their functional properties.

Yarrow Root

Contains properties of diaphoretic, antipyretic, hypotensive, peripheral vasodilator, astringent, haemostatic, diuretic, urinary antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, aromatic bitter, digestive stimulant, emmenagogue, restorative and regulator for menstrual system.

Aids against fevers, common cold, essential hypertension, digestive complaints, loss of appetite, amenorrhoea, dysentery, diarrhoea.


Reduces serum cholesterol (and triglycerides)

Inhibits platelet aggregation (thins blood)

Lowers blood pressure

The cardioprotective benefits associated with garlic are generally attributed to the various sulfur compounds that can be isolated from the raw clove. These compounds, which include alliin, allicin, S-allyl-cysteine, S-methyl-cysteine and many others are found in varying concentrations in garlic, chives, leeks, shallots and onions, but the chemical composition may vary considerable depending on processing methods. The chemical responsible for the pungent smell of garlic, allicin, is produced from alliin via the action of alliinase and is thought to contribute to many of the health effects associated with garlic supplements.

Astragulus Root

Stimulates immune system

Provides cancer protection

Acts as an adaptogen (non-specific resistance to stress)

Boosts energy levels

Several chemical constituents of astragalus have been identified as potential active compounds, including saponins, flavonoids, polysaccharides and glycosides. Astragalus is often combined with other adaptogenic herbs, such as ginseng, and promoted as a guard against various internal and external stressors. Combination of astragalus with echinacea is common for protection against common infections of the mucous membranes (cold and flu).

Cayenne Pepper

Digestive aid (stimulates gastric secretions)

Raises metabolic rate

Reduces allergic symptoms (hay fever-type allergies)

Prevents migraine headaches

Anybody who has ever tasted concentrated capsicum or been unfortunate enough to get it in his or her eyes or in contact with other mucous membranes, knows of the intense burning sensation that the substance causes. When rubbed on the skin, cayenne can be a very useful analgesic (pain-reliever) with benefits in reducing arthritic pain and stiffness. This effect, called a counterirritant effect, causes a mild irritation when applied to the surface of the skin and "distracts" us from sensing pain from other areas (such as the joint pain common to arthritis). As a digestive aid, cayenne is known to increase secretion of gastric acids in the stomach. Cayenne is often recommended as a "thermogenic" compound for increasing metabolic rate - an effect that may be related to its ability to dilate blood vessels and cause a local sensation of "warming."

HHN's Immune Plus Super Immune Booster is an all-herbal blend of the most powerful herbs in immune building. Carefully formulated to provide your body the best bolstering defense against disease, this formula helps whether you are anticipating, battling, or preparing for a the cold and flu season.

Help your Immune System Help You Herbally!!!

HHN's Immune Plus Super Immune Booster

is the Answer

to the Stubborn, Common Cold!!!

IMMUNE PLUS - Super Immune Booster

Just $23.25 per 180 count bottle

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