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Lean Green Caps and Powder

Effortless and Healthy Weight-Loss

Lean Greens is an incredible new formula, designed specifically for weight-loss results. This all-natural formula contains the awesome power of Mega Greens combined with a new water-soluable fiber, called Glucomannan. Lean Greens work to eliminate extra weight by regulating the amount of daily food consumed by the user. Lean Greens are ideally taken 30-45 minutes before each meal. This gives the amazing fiber, Glucomannan, time to work its magic.

Glucomannan is a 100% all-natural fiber that is clinically proven to expand up to 200 times its molecular size when combined with water. When taking this supplement, it is recommended that 8oz. of water are consumed per serving. This is necessary for the full capacity of the fiber to be utilized. When the capsules are broken down inside the stomach, the Glucomannan combines with the water, causing the fiber to expand. This expansion convinces the stomach that it has consumed enough, causing the user a full-feeling. The weight-loss occurs as a direct result of limited consumption at every meal.

For most weight-loss and diet programs, the three most effective ways to succeed are exercise, "carb-counting", or a combination of both. In any of these methods, essential micro nutrients and minerals are lost, right along with the extra weight. The only way to restore these micro nutrients is to eat more food or supplement with vitamins and minerals.

Lean Greens eliminates this guess-work!!

By combining the well-known Mega Greens with Glucomannan, the essential micro nutrients and minerals are automatically restored to your system. Supplementation occurs in the same, efficient, Lean Green capsule.

The Result

You're A healthy and more efficient body

resulting in ultimate weight-loss!!

Lean Green - Effortless and Healthy Weight-Loss

180 Caps - $33.75 per bottle

Lean Green - Effortless and Healthy Weight-Loss

1/2 lb. Powder - $33.75 per bottle

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